The Mental Health Resource and Education Network (MHREN) is a non-profit organization providing support services for mental health service providers, including several workshops per year that are certified for continuing education credits. For more information, see “About Us“.

MHREN maintains a mailing list of approximately 400 professionals in the Jackson County, OR region. Notifications of upcoming events, e-newsletters, and professional opportunities are sent out to this mailing list. To receive notifications, please contact us with your information. There is no charge to be added to our list.

Please note: MHREN is not a referral agency. Our Referral Booklet provides the client and the clinician with the opportunity to locate practitioners for themselves.

MHREN does not distribute or make public its database list or intentionally share members’ contact information, and it does not send out notices for other organizations or individuals.

For professionals who wish to receive discounts for workshops, advertisement opportunities, and other benefits through MHREN, there is an annual membership fee. For more details, click on the “Membership Information” tab.

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MHREN 2022 Workshops

MHREN is excited to announce we are currently planning our 2022 workshops.

Due to COVID-19, MHREN cancelled all 2021 workshops. MHREN is working to provide both an Ethics and Multicultural workshop in 2022 to provide necessary CEUs.

MHREN is also exploring in-person workshops, and is committed to following all necessary COVID-19 requirements to ensure the safety of the presenter and all attendees.

For more information regarding Oregon COVID-19 requirements for Health Workers, please visit the State of Oregon website.